How to become a resident

If you liked what you have read and seen on our website, we would be delighted to respond to your enquiry and to arrange a tour of our home. You will not be disappointed.

  • We prefer all initial enquiries are made directly to Morgaine either by phone 0418 964 604, or email as she is best placed to:

    • answer your questions

    • discuss the needs and circumstances of the person looking for permanent or respite residential aged care

    • explain the type of care we can offer, and

    • if you are interested, make an appointment for a tour of our home.

  • However, if you call the home, please leave your name and contact details with the staff answering the phone and Morgaine will return your call as soon as possible.

  • If you have made an appointment to visit our home, Morgaine will:

    • review the Aged Care Client Record [ACCR] if available, to gain an understanding of the assessed care and social needs

    • discuss how we can meet these needs

    • conduct a tour of our home

    • provide you with a comprehensive 'Information' folder, and

    • if you decide to explore the option of an admission further [whether permanent or respite care], meet with you again for a detailed discussion on how we can assist you.

  • We also recommend that you explore the cost of accommodation, fees & charges and all associated issues with Niq Morcos, Director, during your visit, or make a separate appointment to discuss your specific financial circumstances.

  • As stated elsewhere on this website, we are not a dementia specific home as the open layout of the building makes it difficult to manage certain types of behaviours without affecting the quality of life of other residents.

  • However, residents with low to moderate dementia related 'symptoms' are very welcome and enjoy significant quality of life through our Lifestyle Program and the support and care of our professional staff.

  • Families can also be assured that residents with 'high level' care needs, including 'end of life' [palliative care] receive quality individualised and highly professional care from our team.

  • Residents admitted for respite care enjoy the same level of individualised care and have access to all services - refer to 'What do we offer'.

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