Admission Philosophy

We are always delighted to welcome new members to our Arlington ACF 'community', and look forward to yet different traditions being added to the multi-cultural diversity of residents and their families.

In our home you can be assured to:

  • receive individualised quality care and services in accordance with your assessed physical, emotional and spiritual needs

  • enjoy quality of life in an intimate, stimulating and safe environment, and

  • be able to participate as fully as possible in the social and cultural life of our community.

We maintain the intimate, boutique style environment of our home and the capacity to provide individualised care and services, through our admission process. This ensures that we are able to meet the care, social and spiritual needs of prospective residents [as assessed] and that every new 'member' feels comfortable in our 'small' community of residents and families.

We are very aware of the stress and trauma families experience when confronted by the realisation that a relative needs to be placed into permanent care, and therefore, a suitable residential aged care home must be found.

Quite often families are under added pressure from Hospitals, or Transitional Care Programs, to view homes and accept an offer of a bed/room within quite short timelines. Or a relative cannot be discharged from hospital back into their previous independent living arrangements because they will be unable to manage.

We understand that these demands can be quite overwhelming, and therefore, try to provide as much information and support as possible during any initial phase of enquiry and your visit to our home.

In particular we will explore with you:

  • the most suitable options for residential aged care [which, for example, may not be our home], or

  • accessing relevant websites for more information, or

  • how to 'navigate' the aged care system to minimise stress and confusion.

We also hope that the information provided on our website will provide some of the answers you may need.

During the initial, or possibly subsequent visits to our home, Morgaine will explain:

  • our admission criteria and therefore, whether we would be able to meet the needs of a prospective resident - refer also 'What do we offer'

  • our philosophy and the care and services we provide

  • the documentation we need to consider a prospective resident's eligibility/suitability for admission [whether permanent or respite care]

  • the process from 'enquiry/visit' to 'admission', and

  • the cost of accommodation & care.

If you, or your family, decide that Arlington ACF may be a suitable residential aged care option, we provide you with a comprehensive 'Information/Application' package, either during the initial tour, or at a later date.

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