The Journey to Admission

During your exploration of suitable residential aged care homes you would have discussed the cost of accommodation and associated fees and charges either during the initial, or subsequent visits to our home with Niq Morcos, Director. Morgaine Williams, our Executive Director of Nursing, would have explained the type of care & services we provide and indicated whether we could meet your specific needs.

Refer also 'What does it cost' and 'What do we offer' on this website.

Once you have decided that Arlington ACF is your preferred option for permanent or respite residential aged care, and before we can offer you residency, we need the documents listed below to start the process:

  • Application for Residency, or

  • Application for Respite Residential Aged Care

  • Application Checklist

  • Direct Debit Authority.

We also need a copy of the Aged Care Client Record [ACCR] which provides evidence of eligibility for residential permanent or respite care. The ACCR is completed by an Aged Care Assessment Team, and if you do not have a copy, we can access the Medicare Aged Care Payments System to download/print the document. All we require is your full name, date of birth and Medicare number.

Once this documentation has been received, Morgaine Williams will ask permission to:

  • visit the prospective resident either in their home, Hospital, Transitional Care, or another residential aged care facility, and

  • hold discussions with carers, social workers, nursing staff, or their Doctor to assess whether we can adequately meet the care and social needs of the prospective resident.

We do not offer a bed/room for permanent or respite care until Morgaine is satisfied that the prospective resident:

  • meets our admission criteria

  • can be adequately cared for by our team, and enjoy a rich quality of life, and

  • will be comfortable within our 'community' of residents and families.

Once we have made an offer of a bed/room [permanent of respite], and it has been accepted by you, we need to finalise:

  • the preferred accommodation [single/twin room]

  • the accommodation cost and fees & charges you need to pay

  • completion and signing of the Resident & Accommodation, or Resident Respite Agreement [whichever is applicable]

  • the date of admission, or the period of respite care booked, and

  • a meeting with Morgaine to discuss & document -

    • general conditions of residency

    • pre-admission assessment - background information on the resident's medical / surgical / social / spiritual / cultural history & requirements.

We will also need to know whether:

  • you have already obtained a Centrelink Income & Asset Assessment [a copy must be provided to us], or

  • you have applied for, but not yet received the Assessment, or

  • you will not apply for the Assessment.

Please refer to 'What does it cost' for details regarding the Income & Asset Assessment and its purpose in determining the rates of fees and charges.

We will also require other documentation, particularly if the resident is admitted from hospital or transitional care, eg:

  • copy of medication chart

  • clinical assessments [care]

  • physiotherapy & dietitian assessments.

We will try to arrange the admission date as soon as possible following acceptance of residency to minimise pre-entry leave charges.

Before we can welcome our new resident, we like family members to 'personalise' the room/bed space with familiar items [photos, small pieces of furniture, mementos etc] from their home to add to their comfort in a changed environment.