Viewed from Collins Street our home appears to be a larger than usual suburban residence, located between an apartment building, a brick-veneer house, and opposite renovated weatherboard cottages.
The building is set back from the street partly obscured by a beautiful, mature native garden behind a green fence.
Externally the colour green [calm, restful] dominates in fencing and plants.


Once entering through the front door the wall colours are beige with accents in dark grey, off-set with natural timer doors and furniture. Residents' rooms feature timber blinds, soft drapes and a gallery system to display photos or pictures.

We are proud of the warm, welcoming atmosphere created at our home through use of colour, plants, permanent flower arrangements, artwork and co-ordinated, custom made bedlinen, bedspreads, drapes & upholstery.
We are very gratified by the many positive comments from residents, current and prospective family members, and visitors.

Rooms at Arlington ACF

  • 12 single rooms with shared en-suite

  •  2 single rooms with private en-suite

  •  8 twin (double) rooms with en-suite


  • Single rooms are on average 14 square metres, excluding en-suite

  • Twin rooms are between 25 to 29 square metres, excluding en-suite

Furniture & Amenities Common to all Rooms

  • Electric high/low, or floorline bed (sensor mats for falls prevention as required)

  • All beds are provided with new 'memory' mattresses for pressure relief

  • Air mattresses [also for pressure relief] provided as required

  • Colour coordinated bedlinen & bedspread

  • Bedside unit[s] with lockable drawer

  • Wardrobe[s]

  • Comfortable chair[s]

  • Visitor chair[s]

  • Adjustable over-bed table[s]

  • TV/Bar Fridge Unit

  • Timber blinds and drapes on all windows

  • TV points, call bells, ceiling fans, hydronic heating unit[s]

  • Wall & ceiling lights

  • Gallery system to display residents' photos & paintings


  • All rooms have large en-suites to facilitate use of specialised mobility aids

  • Shared en-suites [single rooms] have security/dignity locks on each door [internal/external]

  • Private en-suites are entered directly from the rooms

  • En-suite in double rooms are entered directly from the room, and are provided with locks [refer above]

  • All en-suites have privacy shower screens

  • Safety rails

  • Bathroom cabinet(s)


  • Privacy curtains in double rooms ensure personal space is clearly demarcated

  • All rooms have an abundance of natural light, with visual access to 3 interior court yards with native plants or interesting pots and urns, or external native gardens

    • 5 double rooms have large windows to the external garden

    • 3 double rooms have large windows to a large interior courtyard

    • 14 single rooms have windows to the external garden, however

    • residents in 9 single rooms have full view of the courtyards through their open doors

  • Residents are free to personalise their rooms, or private spaces in the double rooms', eg -

    • Small items of additional furniture, including chairs, bookcases, lamps, cabinets [space and safety permitting]

    • TV/stereo equipment

    • Photos/paintings for the gallery system

    • Personal mementos

    • Doonas, blankets, bedlinen

  • 10 single rooms open to a wide, light filled hallway 'Victoria Road', with views of the inner courtyards and our art & poster collection displayed on the gallery system

  • 2 single rooms open to the Lounge [refer floor plan]

  • 1 single room opens to the Foyer

  • 8 double and 1 single room open to the 'High Street' hallway, with views of more art & posters displayed on the walls

Common Areas

  • Large foyer - 'Collins Plaza' [52 square metres]


  • Comfortably furnished with -

    • A sofa

    • Coffee table

    • Chairs

    • Sideboard with information & magazines

    • HD TV screen and DVD Player

  • The foyer is available to residents and family members to relax,
    watch TV or a DVD, or hold family gatherings
    [Refer Catering and Activities/Lifestyle for more information]

  • Large lounge room - 'Avalon Lounge' [167 square metres]


  • Used for dining and recreational activities

  • Doors and large windows open to a covered patio with garden furniture, and a small native garden

  • The room is comfortably furnished with -

    • Dining tables and chairs

    • Entertainment unit

    • Large HD TV screen and surround sound music system

    • Piano

    • White- and Notice Boards

  • The gallery system here is also used to display artwork & posters, but on celebratory events serves to display wide varieties of decorations

  • Small Meeting Room - 'Quiet Room' [15 square metres]

  • A separate area for family members to meet in comfort and privacy, provided with a kitchenette, table & chairs and an Italian coffee machine


  • Our home is protected by electronic key pad locks and an internal/external CCTV system

  • The security code is only provided to -

    • Nominated & approved family members

    • Visiting Doctors

    • Contract health care professionals

  • Staff are provided with a 'security' fob which operates readers on every external & the office door

  • Staff are not provided with the security code

  • Only the Executive Director of Nursing provides the security code to nominated family members, who must agree not to share the code with other members of the family, or friends/associates

  • We are absolutely committed to residents, staff and visitors living, working and visiting a safe and secure building.