Catering Services

  • You will enjoy a great variety of delicious meals, cakes, biscuits, and deserts prepared by our catering staff from fresh produce every day.

  • All our produce, eg fish, vegetables, fruit, is purchased locally to ensure quality and to support our community.

  • We change our 4 weekly rotating menu with the seasons, and delight in featuring dishes from many different cultures and traditions.

  • Two choices are offered for lunch [mid day] and dinner [evening] - if for some reason you dislike your choice when the meals are served, our catering team will be happy to prepare something else.

  • You will be served with drinks at all meals, eg tea, coffee or soft drinks, and a desert at the end which, in summer in particular, will often be fruit with cream or ice cream [or both if you prefer].

  • The main meal of the day is served at lunch, therefore, at dinner we usually serve 'lighter' options, eg sandwiches, quiches, vegetables patties, or salads, to name a few.

  • If you like soup, you will be happy to know that freshly prepared soup [definitely not from a packet] is served throughout the year at dinner, and if requested, also at lunch.

  • Freshly baked cakes, biscuits, scones or something 'savoury' may surprise you at morning and afternoon tea, or the late evening supper, whilst snacks and hot/cold drinks are always available during the night.

  • To ensure that we know, respect and meet your preferences, likes/dislikes, or dietary requirements related to health or cultural/religious traditions, we will discuss these with you and your family after you have moved into our home, and throughout your life with us review and make any changes needed.

  • We pay particular attention to changes in your health which may require specific diets, eg soft, textured/vitamised foods, or thickened drinks, to ensure you continue to enjoy your meals/drinks and receive adequate nutrition.

  • In these circumstances we often consult a Speech Pathologist to assess and recommend on the correct texture/thickness of foods and drinks.

  • We also ask our dietitian to review the seasonal menu to ensure it provides nutritional value and meets the required balance of food sources.

  • To make sure you can maintain your independence we provide you with special cutlery or mugs for your meals, which are easier to manipulate.

  • Our catering service is accredited under the Victorian Food Act [audited annually] and registered as commercial food premises with the City of Darebin [annual inspections].

Food and Fun - Celebration of Life

We firmly believe, a view shared by our residents and their families, that life is celebrated through the sharing of food, drinks and music, whether on a daily basis, or at special occasions. Our home is located in a vibrant, multi-cultural area, and the diverse traditions of the community are reflected in the cultural richness of our smaller 'Arlington' community of residents and their families, many from a Mediterranean background [Greece/Italy].

Celebrating many different cultural traditions throughout the year gives residents and their families the opportunity to enjoy 'travelling the world' with food, music and a variety of different 'festivals', and then return to the familiar dishes of 'home'.

What do we celebrate:

  • Saturday evenings Lifestyle staff cook either traditional pancakes, or toasted sandwiches in the Avalon Lounge.

  • On the 13th day of every month we hold a party celebrating the birthdays of those born in that month - you will love the great variety of finger foods, salads, elaborate birthday cake, and the alcoholic drinks [or soft drinks] on offer; often followed by a rather raucous rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

  • We also love holding the occasional cooking demonstrations in the Lounge, eg bread baking, or pasta making; after completion in the kitchen by our [more experienced] catering staff, the results are shared by all; for some residents this brings back memories of their own past cooking traditions.

  • However, absolutely every major event in the life of the community calls for a celebration - therefore, we:

    • enjoy meat pies, sauce, chips, salads and finger foods on Grand Final Day

    • join with our Muslim residents and community in sharing Middle Eastern sweets and finger food for Eid

    • stop for watching the race on Cup Day with a BBQ, salads and a drop of champagne and orange juice

    • eat & drink everything 'green' on St Patrick's Day
    • share traditional Greek sweets on Orthodox Easter

    • invite up to 70 past and present family members for Christmas lunch every December, offering the traditional turkey, ham, salad and Christmas Pudding

    • toast the New Year - again with a BBQ

    • conduct a 'giant Easter egg hunt' on Easter Sunday, and after eating too much chocolate, add some 'nutritional' value with a sumptuous lunch

    • acknowledge the richness of the many cultures and traditions which residents and staff have contributed to our community, by holding an annual multi-cultural day: a great variety of traditional dishes, salads, deserts & sweets are prepared by family members and staff and shared in one big celebration, often accompanied by a musical entertainer and, at least on one memorable occasion, a traditional dance performed by some of our staff.