Environmental Services

  • You will enjoy the cleanliness or our home and the prompt delivery of laundry provided by own staff seven days per week.

  • Once every week our staff 'detail' clean a resident's room, or a specific public area [on a rotating schedule], ensuring our home is always 'spotless'.

  • Our staff will order and affix printed name labels to your clothing at no cost to you - as the labels are printed off-site, your written consent is required.

  • We engage external contractors to clean the carpets every two months, and a window cleaner every three months.

  • Our gardener takes as much enjoyment from our native garden and courtyards as we and the residents/family members do, and attends regularly to prune, water & replace plants.

  • All other building services are maintained by our Maintenance Officer [who 'fixes' things], our electrician, plumber and painter.

  • If you need anything done, eg lights not working, pictures to hang up on the gallery system, damage to walls fixed & painted, tell the staff and we will organise one of our contractors to attend to it.