Personal Services


  • We have engaged a qualified Hairdresser to visit our home every four to six weeks, and to provide you with a full service from hair cuts to perms.

  • The hairdresser uses resident's en-suite and comes fully equipped with everything needed to provide this personal service.

  • You need to book your appointment through the Lifestyle Program staff; the cost are published in the Avalon Lounge.


  • Our Registered Nurses Division 1 are trained to offer you massage if you experience pain, or are unable to sleep.

  • Our massage/aromatherapist is unfortunately only available for 4 hrs every week to provide pain management massage to some residents who need it.

WiFi / Skype

  • You will be able to enjoy our free WiFi to watch movies, the news, or listen to music in your own language - we provide the tablet.

  • If you have relatives connected to Skype, you can enjoy 'face-to-face' conversations on the tablet provided by us.