The Services

We are certain you will enjoy the range of services offered to you at our home by our dedicated and professional staff.

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Catering Services

All meals prepared fresh on-site by our dedicated professional catering team.

4 weeks seasonal rotating menu.

Two choices at lunch & dinner.

Morning/afternoon tea and supper served; snacks & drinks throughout the night.

Likes/dislikes, preferences, dietary & cultural/religious requirements respected and met.

Dietitian and Speech Pathologist to advise on dietary requirements, textured/vitamised foods or thickened drinks.

Special cutlery & mugs provided to assist residents' independence at meals.

Many celebratory events throughout the year.

Lifestyle Program

Stimulating program offered seven days per week.

Gentle exercises, games, craft activities, newspaper reading, film nights, musical performers

Individual preferences respected [eg residents preferring to remain in their rooms]

Annual 'Animals on the Move' and 'Chicken Hatching'

Environmental Services

All cleaning & laundry services provided in-house

Printed labels for residents' clothing provided at no cost

Contractors provide regular window & carpet cleaning

Our gardener looks after the native plants in the courtyards & garden

Our Maintenance Officer, contract electrician & plumber look after the building services

Our painter ensures all rooms & public areas look fresh

Personal Services



WiFi - tablet provided

Skype available - tablet provided