What are my choices?

  • We do not discriminate on the basis of what people can pay.

  • Anyone eligible for residential aged care [Aged Care Client Record - ACAS Assessment] is welcome to apply for residency regardless of their financial situation.

  • 'Fully Supported / Low Means' residents are welcome [the Commonwealth pays for their accommodation].

  • Families / residents are welcome to pay only a 'Daily Accommodation Payment' [DAP] and no lump sum 'Refundable Accommodation Deposit' [RAD], or a combination, based on the cost of the selected room / bed.

  • Using that option means -

    • no lump sum is payable

    • The DAP is considered a 'rental payment' for accommodation, and reimbursement for a RAD/partial RAD not having been paid to the service

    • the DAP is non refundable and does not reduce the RAD amount not paid

  • Families can change their mind at any time if they later want to pay a full or part RAD; the DAP charge will stop when the part/full RAD has been paid.

What does it cost? - Permanent Residents

Type of Room



Refundable Accommodation Deposit [RAD]

Maximum Permissible Interest Rate [MPIR]

current to 31/03/19

Daily Only


Daily Accommodation Payment [DAP]

Single Room with

$ 300,000


$ 48.82 p/day

Single Room with shared en-suite

$ 250,000

$ 40.68 p/day

Twin Room with

$ 200,000

$ 32.55 p/day

The Commonwealth requires an example of a part RAD / part DAP payment to be published.

The DAP payment is calculated on the basis of the unpaid part of the RAD.


  • payment of 50% of a $300,000 RAD leaves an unpaid balance of $ 150,000

  • the DAP is calculated on the remaining $150,000 @ 5.94% = $24.41 per day

What does it cost? - Respite Residents

  • There are no additional cost for accommodation payable by respite residents.

  • We charge the Basic Daily Respite Fee [refer 'Fees & Charges' below], which is a contribution towards care, services and accommodation.

  • Families need to pay a Booking Fee at the time of applying for a respite bed.

  • The Booking Fee is either one week at the Basic Daily Respite Fee rate, or 25% of the total cost of the respite period.

  • A minimum two week period for respite is required.

  • Fees are charged in advance [maximum 4 weeks] and paid by Direct Debit.

  • The Booking Fee is deducted from the 1st full payment.

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Q & A - Respite

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