Questions & Answers [Q & A] - Respite Care




What documents do I need to provide to the home?

  • ACCR - Aged Care Client Record, or MyAgedCare Support Plan

    • this is an assessment conducted by Aged Care Assessment Teams

  • the ACCR/Plan confirms that the person is eligible for admission to residential respite aged care


When do I need to provide the documentation?

  • The ACCR/Plan must be provided when making an enquiry / inspection of our home

  • this enables us to determine whether the person [a] is eligible for residential respite care, and [b] whether we can meet the assessed / identified care needs of the person


When do I need to provide the 'Application for Residential Respite Care'?

  • If families are interested in potentially selecting Arlington ACF for their relative, an 'Information Folder - Respite Care' is provided, which contains a broad range of relevant documentation, including the 'Application for Residential Respite Care'

  • If families wish to proceed with a potential admission, the 'Application for Residential Respite Care' must be completed and returned to us as soon as possible to assist in scheduling the proposed period of respite care


What are the cost/fees for respite care?

  • The Daily Respite Care Fee - as @ 01/01/19 $50.66 p/day

  • A Booking Fee of either:

    • one [1] week Daily Respite Care Fee, ie $354.62, or

    • 25% of the total cost of the period of respite care, eg six [6] weeks booked @ $50.66 p/day = $2,127.72 @ 25% = $531.93

  • The Booking Fee will be deducted from the final payment


Are there limits [maximum/minimum] to periods of respite care?

  • Yes -

    • a minimum period of two [2] weeks

    • a maximum period of six [6] consecutive weeks subject to [a] availability of respite bed at Arlington ACF, and [b] annual allocation of respite days already utilised by the resident


If a period of respite care has been agreed, what happens then?

  • A 'Residential Respite Care Agreement' must be signed

  • A Direct Debit Authority must be signed for payment of the Booking Fee and subsequent four [4] weekly [or any other agreed period] direct debit to a nominated bank account

  • The Booking Fee must be paid on the date the Agreement is signed by Direct Debit to the nominated bank account

  • On commencement of respite / admission to our home the balance of fees is payable in advance, subject to [a] total agreed period, or [b] four weeks in advance if a longer period has been agreed


What happens if the resident is unable to commence the period of respite care booked/needs to cancel?

  • Written notice must be received by the home at least seven [7] days before the commencement date of the booked period of respite care

  • The Booking Fee will be refunded within fourteen [14] days following the date of cancellation

  • In the event of hospitalisation or death of the person booked for respite care, even within the seven [7] days notice period, the Booking Fee will also be refunded as per above

  • If cancellation occurs in less than seven [7] days before commencement of respite for reasons other than hospitalisation or death, the Booking Fee will not be refunded

  • In the event that the person receiving respite care dies whilst in our home, all prepaid fees to the date of death, and the Booking Fee will be refunded


What happens if the person leaves the home before the end of the booked period of respite?

  • The Booking Fee will be used to cover the unused period of respite care, unless the relevant Daily Care Fees have been paid in advance and cover the entire unused period, in which case the Booking Fee will be refunded


Are there any other cost payable?

  • Yes - the resident is liable to pay for medications


Can we book a specific Room/Bed for respite care?

  • No, the allocation of a respite bed is at our discretion subject to:

    • availability of respite bed/room at Arlington ACF

    • the assessed care needs of the prospective respite resident

  • Therefore, the final decision, having regard to above, rests with the Executive Director of Nursing


Can the resident leave the home whilst receiving respite care?

  • In accordance with The Aged Care Act as amended, residents receiving respite care may not leave the home for social leave [overnight]

  • Hospital admission [except admission & discharge on the same day] terminates the respite care agreement


Are there any limitations to the care provided, or access to services?

  • No, a resident receiving respite care enjoys the same level of individualised, quality care provided by our professional care team, including access to visiting Doctors, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, massage/aromatherapy, external specialist health care professionals [if needed], and has access to all services, including our seven [7] days p/week Lifestyle Program