What will I Pay - Permanent Residential Care

  • Basic Daily Care Fee

    • payable by all residents regardless of financial circumstances

    • as at 1st January 2019 - $50.66 per day

  • Low Means [fully/partially supported]

    • 'fully supported' - all accommodation & care cost paid by the Commonwealth

    • 'partially supported' - likely to pay a 'minimal' Means Tested Care Fee, a Daily Accommodation Contribution [DAC] and/or a Refundable Accommodation Contribution towards the cost of accommodation

  • Assets & Income above the thresholds

    • Means Tested Care Fee determined by the Commonwealth

    • Refundable Accommodation Deposit [RAD] and/or Daily Accommodation Payment [DAP]

Fees & Charges Payable on Admission

  • Pre-Entry Leave

    • residents admitted from Hospital, Transitional charge, or their own homes, can be charged 'pre-entry leave' to a maximum of seven [7] days once a room/bed has been offered and accepted

    • pre-entry leave gives a prospective resident/family members time to make arrangements to enter the home, and

    • it enables the home to receive a subsidy from the Commonwealth and reserve the room/bed for the resident until admission

    • no pre-entry leave can be charged if a resident transfers from another residential aged care home

    • all fees & charges as per the Resident & Accommodation Agreement are payable for the period of pre-entry leave

  • Payment on Admission

    • if the Income & Asset Assessment is not available on the date of admission, but has been submitted to Centrelink, we will:

      • estimate the fees & charges payable using either the Fee Estimator on the myagedcare website, or our own

      • if the resident is likely to be assessed as 'low means' [fully supported] we will charge the Basic Daily Care Fee of $50.66 plus $56.59 per day towards the cost of accommodation

      • $56.59 is the rate of the 'Accommodation Supplement' paid by the Commonwealth to the home for a 'low means' resident

      • residents who are liable to pay a Means Tested Care Fee, a RAD, DAP, or RAC, DAC, will be charged these fees & charges as per the Fee Estimator and negotiated RAD/DAP [if applicable] until the Income and Asset Assessment has been completed and the Commonwealth has determined the rate of the Means Tested Care Fee and potentially [for partially supported - low means residents], the rate of RAC and DAC

    • once the Commonwealth advises the home that the resident has been assessed as 'low means', the total amount charged & paid towards accommodation [$56.59 p/day - refer above] will be refunded

    • on admission all fees & charges are payable in advance for a period determined by management [but not exceeding four weeks], usually until the last day of the month of admission

    • all fess & charges are payable by Direct Debit to a nominated bank account [refer below].

Payment of Fees & Charges Post Admission

  • all prospective residents are advised prior to admission that fees & charges are paid by Direct Debit to a bank account nominated by the authorised 'representative'

  • therefore, a Direct Debit Authority must be signed

  • we issue our invoices for accommodation & services on the 1st day of each month, and the debit is presented to the nominated bank on the 5th day of that month [or the next 'business' day].

What will I Pay - Respite Residential Care

  • we charge the Daily Respite Care Fee of $50.66 p/day, which is a contribution towards care, services and accommodation

  • we charge a Booking Fee at the time of applying for a respite bed, which:

    • is either one week at the Daily Respite Care Fee rate, or

    • 25% of the total cost of the booked respite period

  • fees are charged in advance [maximum 4 weeks] and paid by Direct Debit

  • the Booking Fee is deducted from the 1st full payment.

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