Our Vision and Philosophy

Our objective is the provision of residential aged care services of excellence focusing on -

  • quality outcomes for residents

  • maximising their choices and lifestyle options

  • continuous quality improvement

  • management excellence, and

  • a spirit of community.

We are committed to the values and principles detailed in -

  • This commitment ensures that -
    • residents enjoy a comfortable, secure and safe environment

    • residents and their families participate fully in the celebration of life, joy and spirit of community fostered at our home

    • residents and their families are consulted and provided with all information necessary to decide on care, services and lifestyle options, and can be confident that their decisions are respected and implemented

    • residents' are assisted to access external services and health care providers as required

    • residents' care, services and lifestyle needs are fully assessed, reflected in care plans, regularly reviewed and met

    • residents' religious, spiritual and cultural needs and traditions are respected and celebrated.